On the retail market of Kazakhstan, as well as on the markets of the other countries, the volume of counterfeit (fake, knockoff) products is steadily increasing. Majority of people do not feel harm caused by the counterfeits and therefore often fall victims of bad quality goods manufacturers.  Due to their lower prices some people deliberately purchase counterfeit products over originals. Also, there are cases when customers are not aware of products’ origin and purchase them at price of originals or with a small “discount” offered by sellers.

Appearance of large amount of non-original, low quality and sometimes unsafe products on the market might lead to the negative perception of original brands, damage economy of state, prestige of the country, and even threaten consumers’ health and lives.  Without assistance of conscientious citizens it is extremely hard to achieve success in this fight against counterfeits.   

We created an absolutely new and unique project for Kazakhstan www.KONTRAFAKT.kz. This project is targeted on the improvement of the intellectual property rights protection of brand owners, and on the increasing general customers’ awareness of brand protection. 

We believe that this new project is very important to the regular customers and to the brand owners and their representatives and dealers and we invite everybody to join us in this fight against counterfeits in Kazakhstan!