Market Intelligence


1. New markets assessment and monitoring (city / country / region).

2. Identification of and research on the main players on the selected markets.

3. Gathering available information on these main players (retail chains, ways of operations, key persons in the company / decision makers, etc.).

4. Search for potential vendors. Assisting companies to have “plan “B” in case your current vendor will suddenly be unable to perform his part of the agreement or supply.

5. Rechecks of the market prices of different goods offered for sale in cities/countries/regions by dealers of the company or subcontractors. This service helps to control the agreed pricing policy of the goods and makes you aware of the general dealers’ behavior on the market.

6. Anonymous test purchases service allows you to double check your current vendors to make sure they gave you the best price, terms and quality offer.


We provide such services not only in Kazakhstan but also in Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.