Project "Report Kontrafakt"

We are delighted to present you the first unique project which is dedicated to fighting counterfeit products in Kazakhstan and is aimed at countering turnover of counterfeit and promoting the original products - Report Kontrafakt.

This website is aimed at raising awareness about and highlighting the issues that our team has been dealing with for more than five years, particularly the problem of counterfeit products in Kazakhstan, other Central Asia countries, Mongolia and Caucasus.

We collect and analyze information from the large number of open sources, from the messages of consumers who suffered from infringers of trademark rights, and as a part of this project share our own experience.

Furthermore we conduct market research and monitor the markets using such tools as social surveys and analysis of information in the media. Also we prepare statistics and case studies of successful fight against violators and cases where there are apparent shortcomings in the legislation.
We hope that Report Kontrafakt project will be helpful to both international companies and domestic producers and will provide practical advice in making decisions related to protection of intellectual property rights.

Let's make our market civilized and protected from low-quality counterfeit products together!

Please visit the project website by the following this link: