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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the web-site of BMF Research!

Thank you for visiting us, for being with us and we hope for your return to our web-pages.

As practice proves each successful business not only needs high quality products and services, but also its subsequent development and protection. One of the main activities of BMF Research is fighting against producers and sellers of counterfeit products and actions against other types of infringements of intellectual property rights of our clients in Kazakhstan. Our team has unique experience in detecting, gathering information and consequent actions against intellectual property rights infringements in the Internet and on the on ground market (please see full list of our services in the section “Our services”).

On the regular basis we participate in trainings and seminars of the brand owners and from our side also provide such trainings to the individuals and State Authorities in Kazakhstan. In the last years our team received multiple inquiries of individuals from all across Kazakhstan as to how to distinguish original and counterfeit products of the world’s most popular brands.

Responding to these requests where it was possible our firm together with IP lawyers of Bolotov & Partners LLP (formerly BMF Group LLP)  tried to reply to such inquires and their growing numbers required starting a new project - (“kontrafakt” means “counterfeit” in Russian). This project is targeted on the improvement of the intellectual property rights protection of brand owners, and on the increasing general customers’ awareness of brand protection.

We believe that this new project is very important to the regular customers and to the brand owners and their representatives and dealers and we invite everybody to join us in this fight against counterfeits in Kazakhstan!